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Smartphone v/s DSLR. Who would win?


There is no doubt regarding the contribution of smartphones to our everyday life. We check mails, schedule meetings, make and receive calls, send messages, create notes, etc. Most of the device’s capabilities rule out the requirements of a typical computer. Smartphone itself has replaced multiple devices and DSLR is one of them, at least for most people.

A study conducted by CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) suggests that the sale of DSLR cameras has seen a deficit of more than 20% in the last year.
This decline has not been a surprise as smartphone makers continue to add special attributes to the device’s lenses. This move has made it economical for average customers to purchase a smartphone instead of a compact or a DSLR camera. Technically, a smartphone has numerous limitations, like smaller lenses, image resolutions, etc. Even today, there is a growing demand for DSLRs as the number of sophisticated photographers is increasing. But the bloodbath in the current market sheds light on the fact that the DSLR cameras are fighting a losing battle.
Smartphones have been successful in leveraging the one negative feature of professional cameras- convenience. For a complete DSLR effect in a photo, one needs a computer by their side to add various effects. This task requires expertise, patience and a lot of time, which not many people have. The common motive behind almost every picture is to share it on social media. Smartphones make any picture worth sharing within seconds and for additional tweaks one does not need any skill. This characteristic has evidently been crucial as only hardcore enthusiasts of photography have been interested in DSLRs, while the market has been dominated by the one device in everybody’s hand.
Unless DSLR manufacturers do not come up with a path breaking plan and the current market trend continues, smartphones will defeat DSLRs hands down. The resurgence of DSLRs will be achieved only when the camera makers can redefine the concept of photography. It is what the smartphones did and to regain lost ground, DSLRs will have to take the same path too.


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