Home News Malaysian CEO dies after smartphone explodes while charging

Malaysian CEO dies after smartphone explodes while charging


Malaysian CEO dies after smartphone explodes while charging. Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan was using BlackBerry and  Huawei smartphones. According to reports, two of his smartphones were kept on charge next to his bedside and one of them exploded. At the moment it is not clear which of the two devices blasted that resulted in the unfortunate incident.

As per Nazrin’s s brother-in-law, the death was not caused due to the fire as some of the reports suggest, but from the fact that during the explosion, the broken parts of the device hit Hassan on the back of the head which likely caused a blunt trauma

But on Wednesday, officials from the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department urged everyone not to jump to conclusions. The department’s director, Azmi Osman, told the Malay Mail that it will be another week or two before the electronics testing laboratory can supply the results of its investigation. “The statement that the cause of fire was from a exploding handphone that was charged next to him was made by the family, not us,” he said. He said that police are not involved at this time and they will only be brought in if something arises that causes suspicions of foul play.


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