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Instagram gets better with updates like AR Camera effects, Topic Channels on Explore, Video Chat and many more


Facebook acquired Instagram in the year 2012 for 1 Billion dollars. According to the report, there are approx. 95 million photos are posted on Instagram every day. With such astonishing number, we can surely say Facebook made the right move by buying Instagram it makes their every penny worth. Instagram has been a great social media platform for years. Now they are taking the competition to a whole new level by integrating a new features like AR Camera effects, Topic Channels on Explore, Video Chat and many more to their app.

Video Chat in Instagram Direct

Now you can do video chatting on Instagram with an individual person or maybe a group video chat. Just after the announcement the social media giant has again proves that they are not sparing any inch to their rivals. Instagram video chat gives you the exclusive chance to have a private space. Instagram is directly taking the fight to a completely new level with the current rivals in the market. The video chatting feature was first announced at the Facebook’s official annual F8 Developers conference. You can access the video chatting feature directly from the app. No need to install any other apps on your mobile and have your storage space occupied by it. By launching this facility Instagram gives people the opportunity to chat in a group. In the video chat, 4 people can talk at once simultaneously. Now let’s talk about the exclusive feature you are going to get by using Instagram video chatting.
To access the video chat, you have to go to your Instagram inbox and open the message box of that particular person. After that, you will see a camera icon just in the right upper corner. Click on it, then the video chat will ring in your friend’s phone so they will not overlook the call at all. Now here is the interesting stuff, you can minimize the video chat and do multitasking on Instagram. Maybe send a message to your friend or posting a story and sharing photos. You can do all of that while doing a video chat with a person or group of people.

image Source : Instagram Press

Now Instagram takes their privacy and terms very seriously. You can chat with anyone with whom you share an active direct thread. But if a person is blocked in your Instagram they can’t contact you via the video call. You can even mute a person so you don’t have to receive those annoying notifications for video chat. If you want to update the video chat, tap on the gear icon on your profile and find the brand new options and video chat controls. It is a new way to connect with people.

New & Funky Camera Effects

There are also numerous cool and funky camera effects which will make your friends laugh. There is effect design by Liza Koshy, Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Baby Ariel and NBA. You can even add certain glamorous effects to your video chat.

Topic Channels on Explore

Topic channels on explore provide you with the exclusive benefits to discover your interests on Instagram. There are over 200 million people who visit Explore every day. Explore helps them to learn new ideas and get inspiration. With topic channels, a user can be more deliberate about how to navigate posts on Explore. When you are going to open the page, you will be seeing a tray at the top of the page with a personalized channel in it. The section includes “For you’ channel. You can also witness channels about art, beauty, sports, fashion and many other channels. The web page also offers you much better ways to control what you want to see on Explore. You can browse through various channels. If you want to remove a channel, press and hold the channel and tap on “mute” option from the menu. Although you can unmute it anytime you want.

All this, of course, also comes right after the app’s IGTV launch, which encourages users to make longer-form vertical video to hook viewers into YouTube-like channels.


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